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Apr 4, Oceans Are Full Of Trash

Oceans Are Full Of Trash

The search for Malaysian Airlines flight 370 has given more evidence that the worlds oceans are full of plastic and rubbish.

Kathleen Dohan of Earth & Space Research in Seattle has been interviewed by Laurer Parker of National Geographic. The interview confirms the importance of the work being done by The Clean Oceans Project to raise awareness and find solutions for this global problem.

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Feb 28, Trash Removing Water Wheel

Trash Removing Water Wheel

We spotted this great innovation from the US that aims to help remove plastic and rubbish from rivers and waterways, and who knows, maybe this technology will one day be adapted for the oceans.

In Spring 2014, Baltimore’s Inner Harbor will become home to the first permanent waterwheel-powered trash interceptor. With energy from the Jones Falls River current and solar panels, the floating device sweeps litter up a conveyor belt and straight into a Dumpster for easy disposal.

The Parts :

A) Booms direct trash onto the conveyor

B) Rake system breaks up the intertwined debris

C) Conveyor belt lifts the trash out of the water

D) Dumpster collects the waste for later disposal

E) Waterwheel turns the conveyor belt

F) Solar panel array provides supplemental power.

Source: John Kellett of Clearwater Mills, LLC and Ziger/Snead Architects

 Illustration by “Son Of Alan”

Jun 10, Sensitive Skin Care

Sensitive Skin Care

Our sensitive skin care range is formulated with only 100% natural ingredients. We believe this is the best way to care for skin that may become easily irritated or uncomfortable. Our high quality oils will sooth and moisturise. A complete skin care range in itself.

Mar 25, New Sponsorship

New Sponsorship

We are delighted to announce that Rossi Skin Care is now an official sponsor of The Clean Oceans Project in California.

We aim to support TCOP in raising awareness of the damage that is being done to the worlds oceans and wildlife from pollution and particularly plastic pollution. We will do this by donating US$1.00 for every face care product we sell, to TCOP. It doesn’t matter where I customers live, the worlds deep oceans are important to everyone and we believe it’s important that we started to take care of them.