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Dec 2, Curiously Conscious Review

Curiously Conscious Review

Our first product review since we re-launched Rossi Uvema and we’re really pleased with it. Besma has also looked at the brand as well as trying the products. The quality of the brand and the way it’s presented has to reflect the quality of the product and we think that what we have is as good as the established “natural” brands and for a much better price. See the full review by clicking here and the image.

Nov 30, Skinsmatter


Starting to get some more recognition from the media. @SkinsMatter have very kindly mentioned us in their December Newsletter today and included two of our Hydrating range products on their website which you can see from the link in the image.

SkinsMatter are all about promoting the benefits of products that are “Free From” the chemical and synthetics that are the cause of so many personal complaints; basically 100% natural which obviously we like a lot !

Nov 19, The Amazing Blog

The Amazing Blog

We’re working with premier PR company Amazing PR based in Chelsea to get the word out for a brand now that we’ve re-designed it’s look. Still the first class quality 100% natural skincare, now with a first class quality look.

Hope you like it…………………..See the full blog here

Mar 9, Jen’s Green Skincare

Jen’s Green Skincare

Great review from Jen’s Green Skincare for our Cleanser and Lotion formulated for Normal Skin. Jen is an established beauty blogger and we found each other on good old Twitter. We’re obviously very happy that she liked these two products, please follow and like Jen’s Green Skincare and see the full review here

Mar 9, Top Sante Magazine

Top Sante Magazine

Our new Valley of the Roses Hand & Body Lotion featured in the April issue of Top Sante.

Feb 18, Valley of the Roses Moisturising Lotion

Valley of the Roses Moisturising Lotion

Another super review from Milda at Rambling Beauty. This time for our new Valley of the Roses Hand & Body Lotion. As the name suggests this general moisturising lotion has a fantastic fragrance blend of pure Rose Oil. Complimented by 100% natural moisturing oil and nothing synthetic or artificial, this is a great lotion. New on the market, but those that have tried really like it. See the full review here

Feb 16, Problem Skin Toner & Moisturiser

Problem Skin Toner & Moisturiser

Problem skin is of course a problem and we’re aiming to help with our range of problem skin faceial treatments. Francesca in Italy has done a great review for our Pure & Clear Face Toning Mist and our Clear & Bright Face Cream.

The review is of course in Italian and you can see it here

Feb 14, Top Sante Magazine

Top Sante Magazine

Our Re-Vitalising Face Toning Mist is featured in the March issue of Top Sante magazine. A lovely natural toning mist with a beautiful fragrance of Rose Flower Water sourced from the Bulgarian Valley of the Roses.

Feb 10, Natural Health Mother’s Day

Natural Health Mother’s Day

Our sensitive range of moisturisers and lotions is included in Natural Health magazine’s Mother’s Day feature.

Jan 13, Rambling Beauty Review

Rambling Beauty Review

Yet another great review for one of our products, this time our Condition & Balance Face Cleanser by the blogger Rambling Beauty.

Key comments to note are; “luxurious feel”, “affordable”, “…should be widely recognised” and also “…leaves your skin refreshed and hydrated”.

See the full review here

Jan 12, What Doctors Don’t Tell You

What Doctors Don’t Tell You

Another great product review, this time from the magazine “What Doctors Don’t Tell You” a journal that uncovers the hard-to-get facts about health and the causes of illness. For our Grapeseed & Cocoa Butter Lotion they said “Made with only sensitive-skin friendly ingredients and no essential oils, this light yet nourishing lotion is great for keeping dry skin at bay this winter”. See their website here



New Year and new reviews. Another great product review, this time from Sugarpuffish for our Cocoa Butter & Grapeseed Hand & Body Lotion. Sarah’s website focuses on natural beauty and natural products that help with allergy and eczema so we’re very pleased to be included. See the full review here