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Jan 15, Smell of Peony Forever Rose Cleanser Review

Smell of Peony Forever Rose Cleanser Review

And we’re delighted with this review ! Our Cleanser is a perfect match for Judita’s skin type and we’re really pleased that she’s again noted the quality of the packaging which we think reflects the quality of our products.

We’re quite proud of our Forever Rose range and this review confirms that we’re on the right track !

See the full review here or click on the image below.

Jan 15, Smell of Peony Moisturiser Review

Smell of Peony Moisturiser Review

It’s very good when people are paying attention to what you’re doing in different countries. Judita is a blogger based in Germany and she’s looked at two of our products; the first here is our Hydrating Face Moisturiser.

We like this review a lot. Although this particular moisturiser doesn’t suit Judita’s skin type she can see that we’ve offered a quality product and that this particular product is suitable for dryer skin (it is in our Hydrating range !) It didn’t agree with Judita and we like the honesty, but we do know that her friend really likes it.

See the full review here or the click the image.

Jan 14, Sara Steel Blogger Review

Sara Steel Blogger Review

This is a lovely review from Sarah and for two of our favourite products. Interestingly, she hits the nail on the head regarding the Chamomile Toner fragrance ! Our products are either fragranced with 100% natural essential oils or they are not fragranced at all. This is the case with our sensitive range and in particular for our pure flower water toners. Chamomile is a great flower water for the skin and it smells like …Chamomile ! Because most skincare products are deliberately fragranced, often when there is no real need, the true scent in masked. Chamomile has a natural herbal fragrance, not common, but quite pleasant.

We should take nature at face value and not expect everything to fragranced to death !

See the full review here or by clicking the image below.

Jan 13, She Might Be Loved

She Might Be Loved

Georgina is a very popular and award winning blogger who is attracting a lot of media attention. We’re delighted she agreed to take a look at our Cleansing Oil as a part of her winter skincare blog last week and we’re very pleased that she liked it.

As Georgina discovered, our Cleanser is gentle and so removing make up with a cotton pad is recommended. That said “…I usually use this on no makeup days to leave my skin feeling extra soft and loved“. We’ll take that !

See Georgina’s review here and by clicking the image.

Jan 7, Sujet de Vert Forever Rose Mask Review

Sujet de Vert Forever Rose Mask Review

Our (pre-mixed) face masks were new to our range late last year and we’re delighted that the Intense Rejuvination Pink Clay mask has been picked from our range, trialled and then given a great review by Shubana at Sujet de Vert.

We agree with Shubana that most of the masks we have tried from the established brands are usually either too runny or they dry out and crack when applied. We’ve resolved this with a mask that combines the best cleansing and rejuvenating properties of Pink Clay and also moisturises and tones the skin.

The only thing we think Shubana has missed is that this mask has the beautiful fragrance that comes with our Forever Rose range !

See the full review here

Jan 6, Slick Mummy Review

Slick Mummy Review

“…we can’t wait to try some of the other products in the range…” concluded Slick Mummy after reviewing our Rice Bran & Borage Cleansing Oil. This is because our Cleansing Oil leaves the skin feeling moisturised and refreshed, without the greasy feel that comes with some heavier or non-natural cleansers. Removing make-up is only half the job – the skin should feel enlivened and moisturised afterwards as well >

Read the full review here

Jan 5, Fashions Finest Review

Fashions Finest Review

“… a great product and worth every penny…” Excellent review from Fashions Finest for our Cleansing Oil. Using a Cleansing Oil isn’t a part of many people’s daily skincare routine, but Deborah notes here how beneficial it was for her and how easy it became a part of her routine.

We would completely agree that for a 100% natural product, our Rice Bran & Borage Cleansing Oil is excellent value for money at £14.25. Pay 3 or 4 times this for other “high end” brands, but we really don’t believe the product will be any better !

See Deborah’s full review here

Dec 20, Vegan Society Registered

Vegan Society Registered

We achieved registration with the Vegan Society this week.

This is important because it underlines and confirms that we offer only 100% natural products from purely plant derived ingredients. No synthetics, chemicals, highly processed or bulking (read cheap) ingredients to reduce the cost of production.

Registration with the Vegan Society also requires a confirmation of and commitment to cruelty free and non-animal testing policies which we adhere to and for which we require confirmation of from our suppliers.

See more at the Vegan Society website by clicking here or on the image.

Dec 20, Beauty Balm Review

Beauty Balm Review

I’m so impressed with the range of products, their performance and great price“, the words of Sandra from Beauty Balm who does a beauty and lifestyle blog with a considerable following (see her on Twitter @Beauty_Balm). Sandra has tried and tested three of our products; our Pink Clay Mask, Cocoa Butter & Grapeseed Lotion and our Rose Toning Mist.

We are very pleased that Sandra has noted what great value our products are. Try for yourself; we believe our products are at least as good as those brands with a 3x and 4x higher price and which may not even be 100% natural.

See the full review here or click on the image.

Dec 18, Unfading Beauty Review

Unfading Beauty Review

Ann-Marie has sampled our Rice Bran & Borage Cleaning Oil and the main take-away from this is we think “….because this is a proper oil, not one of those dry ones … skin does feel lovely and soft afterwards”.

This underlines the quality of our products. We’ve gone to great lengths to make sure that our products are lovely to use and also that they do the job intended. We achieve this through the formulation experience of my wife Rossi and by only using 100% natural ingredients, from trusted sources and which are of the best unrefined quality.

You’ll find similar claims from many brands but which charge 3x or 4x the price – but they do have very nice marketing (!!)

See the full review here or click the image.

Dec 11, Green Familia Endorsement

Green Familia Endorsement

Very grateful to Green Familia for their endorsement of our Cleansing Oil and our Hydrating range, on their website today.

Green Familia look at all things environmentally friendly and aware that would be of interest to the modern family, which means there’s a very wide range of topics and issues covered. If you’re even vaguely eco-conscious on any issue at all then you’re going to find something of interest her.

They have a health and beauty section and we’re very pleased to be featured there today !

Many thanks to Brenda at Green Familia see the full review here and via the adjacent image

Dec 10, Female First Feature

Female First Feature

Female First have hit the nail on the head with their review reminding everyone that our Cleansing Oil is particularly good now that we’re into the colder weather.  Our Hydrating range is pretty good at this time of year. But read for yourself here